My story of Pokeslayer 2

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So, I was playing Pokeslayer 2. And two people were fighting. Keep in mind, the mode was gym leader. I was casually fighting the gym leader and killed him! Also, one of the people, at one point, ran after, and tried to kill, me! (Sorry for so many commas! ,'s ) Anyways, I made us win! I forgot the peoples' names, but I know one of them. I only know it because of some proof. Just click on the link... It's only one word. Click on it now.



Shoutout to Greninjagamer_ash for being so mad! I don't know why... I just wanted to say this for because it's funny! Click on the link to see it.


Thank you for reading this wiki page! I didn't expect anyone to read it! I don't know why you read it... Just share it with your friends, alright?